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Psychiatry and Psychology: What’s The Difference and Which One Do You Need

Often times the words ‘psychiatry’ and ‘psychology’ are used interchangeably to describe anyone who provides therapy services, and many people get confused between the differences of the two. Both, someone who specializes in psychiatry and psychology, both understand our emotions, feelings and how the brain works. And both, use psychological treatments to treat mental illness. And, psychiatrists and psychologists do typically collaborate with each other. For example, a psychologist may refer the patient to a psychiatrist if they are in need of a prescriber and med management. They both work in tandem from a behavioral and clinical perspective to treat a patient’s symptoms. While they work in tandem, they differ in terms of scope and content.  

So what is the difference between psychiatry and psychology? There are three main differences between a psychiatrist and psychologist. The main differences are:

The three main differences between psychiatrists and psychologists are:

  • Psychiatrists are medical doctors, psychologists are not.

  • Psychiatrists is a prescriber of meds, psychologists aren’t.

  • Psychiatrists can diagnose illness, helps with med management and provides a variety of therapy treatments for complex and serious mental illness, while a psychologist provides mainly psychotherapy

To go into more detail, the differences relate to their training, conditions treated and the treatments provided. Those who go into the field of psychiatry attend medical school and become medical doctors before they take specialized training in mental health, and understand the connection between mental and physical issues. More distinctively, they are a prescriber of meds and med management. 

While there are differences in the scope and content, both the fields of psychiatry and psychology are vital in the research and development of treatments to improve emotional and mental health. Both psychiatrists and psychologists are there to help people get better. 

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