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Addiction Therapy

The 3 Step Addiction Therapy Process

Seeking help for addiction is extremely difficult, and is often carried out by the loved ones of those affected. Here's a look at the process of addiction therapy to help you become more comfortable.

Inpatient Care

Visiting an inpatient care facility will begin with admission. This can be completed by yourself or a loved one and is typically as simple and comforting as possible. You do not have to be present at the facility for this step.

Once admitted, you can arrive at the facility for intake. This is when you will enter the facility and become a patient.

Next, you will undergo an assessment to determine your specific needs and develop a recovery plan.

Then you will detox, which is often the most difficult. Medical staff will be on hand to guide the process and make sure it is as safe and comfortable as possible.

Once you are sober, the inpatient care can begin. This includes treatments, addiction therapy, and other services that are part of your recovery plan.

Outpatient Care

During outpatient care, the patient will be discharged from the facility and sent to live with a supportive group of fellow recovery seekers. Additional treatments will still be administered through the inpatient care facility. This step is beneficial because it gives the patients the ability to practice what they've learned in addiction therapy in a safe environment.

Life After Treatment

During treatment, the patient will begin to make preparations for when they are able to reenter life, now addiction-free. This can include returning to work or finding a new job, rebuilding relationships, securing housing, and caring for children and pets.

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If you would like to seek addiction therapy for yourself or a loved one, please call us today at 702-850-8700. We can connect you with a Las Vegas therapist that can assist you on your path to recovery.

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