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Couples Therapy

3 Signs It Might Be Time to Try Couples Therapy

Couples today face a lot of challenges and sometimes therapy is a great option for handling them with grace. Here are three reasons people frequently seek us out for couples therapy.

1. You're Fighting a Lot

Most people who seek out couples therapy do so because they are frequently engaging in arguments with their significant other. These arguments can be over small things, like picking up the towels from the bathroom floor, or larger things, like paying off credit card debt. Whatever the arguments are about, it's best to get them resolved so they don't further divide your relationship.

2. You're Experiencing a Major Life Event

Couples go through a lot of life's major events together. The birth of children, the death of parents, retirement, illness, and more are all part of life and can affect couples differently. If you are experiencing a major life event, you want your spouse to be by your side as your teammate, not your opponent. Couples therapy can help you remain as a united front against life's difficult times.

3. You Want To

Even couples who are generally happy together seek out a couples therapist near me. Those who are seriously dating, engaged, or newly married can still benefit from couples therapy. It's a great habit to get into so that you can avoid the topics that frequently tear a couple apart and nurture a strong, happy relationship for life.

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At Perceptions Counseling Center of Southern Nevada, we're ready to help you with whatever you're going through. Our team of trained professionals is available to discuss your current life situation and provide you with the tools you need to succeed. Please give us a call at 702-850-8700 to learn more.

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